2017 Local Search Ranking

Local Visibility or Local SEO is more important than ever. More people are looking for businesses using their phones or mobile tablets, this is why is so important to have a local strategy to dominate in the local search rankings and maximize your online visibility.

Here you will find some insights from the experts about good techniques to increase your local presence and attract more clients close to your shop, office or store.

1. Get listed locally

2. Keep Your Citations up to Date

3. Put a Plan in Place to Encourage Reviews

4. Make It Easy for Customers to Give Reviews

5. Produce Epic Content

6. Identify Easy Link Opportunities

7. Understand Your Audience

8. Maintain a consistent social media presence

9. Be Aware That Local Means Local

We understand that all of this can be overwhelming for a small business, especially because they need to run his company first and their marketing second. At Poindexter Consulting we eliminate this problem by becoming your local marketing department while helping you increase your local visibility and digital footprint. Let us help you by calling at (832) 663-5375

In case you need more information, here you will find the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors from MOZ





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