About Us

We are a firm, creatively driven marketing agency that connects local businesses to their customers, by serving as overall marketing consultants to those who may not be able to afford a high-level Marketing team.

We believe that identifying who your customer is and what your customer cares about as it relates to your business is the catalyst to success. Then surround those customers with great ideas, messaging and offers at the right time to build your business to your target level.

This firm began with the concept that high-level marketing acumen and experience should be affordable to key decision makers in the local business marketplace. We applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of the local business while helping them grow to a desired level of success.

Our robust marketing solutions are based on our client’s business needs: we provide customized, strategic marketing plans.

Our marketing experience crosses all media- broadcast, radio, outdoor, print, and direct mail. We have expertise in the vital and emerging solutions in digital marketing, including search engine marketing, search engine optimization, responsive web design, display, video, and the ever expanding digital channels. We place a strong emphasis on social media marketing, including content creation, content management, and blogging.

We have a strong focus on the growing world of social media and will be your company’s voice within the appropriate social media channels for your business. As your social media consultants, we are here to advise you on which social media channels your customers utilize, what information they are seeking, and how you can connect with them and create meaningful conversations. We will be your voice on social media, crafting meaningful posts, monitoring conversations and responding to your customer’s feedback. To learn more about Poindexter Consulting offerings.

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